Spillway Park/ McNary Dam


A high traffic park that connects to the wildlife reserve walking trails; with multiple routes, starting points, and ending points. It is right next to the Columbia River, and is home to the Oregon Fish View Room and a disc golf course. Log In or Register to favorite trails and keep track of your walks!

About this trail

Spillway Park/ McNary Dam is a grade 3 [?] trail with one loop for a total of 0.52 miles (1098 steps).


  • Fishing access
  • Fish View Room
  • Covered Shelter Available via Reservation
  • Pacific Salmon Visitor Information Center
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Walking Trails

More details


Dawn to Dusk

Public Facilities:

Benches , Shaded Area, Restrooms

Public Facilities:

Asphalt, Gravel, and Grass (caution note: changes in elevation and trail surface)

Trail Surface


Nearby intersection

3rd Street

Public Transportation:



Paved parking lot