Good Shepherd Campus


A quick, refreshing walk around the campus of Good Shepherd. A clear path makes it easy to follow the trail while enjoying the sun shining. Good Shepherd trails are utilized by employees throughout the day. Log In or Register to favorite trails and keep track of your walks!

About this trail

Good Shepherd Campus is a grade 3 [?] trail with 2 loops for a total of 1.11 miles (2344 steps).

Loop 1

This loop is 0.36 miles for a total of 760 steps.

Loop 2

This loop is 0.75 miles for a total of 1584 steps.


  • Open field

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Dawn to Dusk

Public Facilities:


Public Facilities:

Gravel (caution note: paved with large chunky rock with varying depth, may be unsuitable for those with mobility issues)

Trail Surface

Parking lot lights

Nearby intersection

West Elm and 11th street

Public Transportation:

Hermiston Hart bus stop at Good Shepherd


Parking available at Good Shepherd